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Tepliakov Nikita Vladimirovich
Tepliakov Nikita Vladimirovich
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I am an early-career researcher in the area of nanophotonics.


In 2015 I developed a simple quantum-mechanical model of interband absorption by semiconductor nanocrystals exposed to a DC electric field [2]. My theory predicted an unusual field-induced broadening of the optical spectra of nanoplatelets and allowed me to explain the observed differential absorption of 0D, 1D, and 2D nanocrystals [1].


I also developed a consistent theoretical framework of chiral semiconductor nanocrystals and predicted their giant optical activity in 2016 [4]. I analyzed nanocrystals of chiral shapes [11, 19] and nanocrystals doped with ionic impurities [3], showing that they can exhibit an almost complete dissymmetry of optical response.


My study of chiral light-matter interaction on the nanoscale has led me to an idea that the quantum confinement in semiconductor nanocrystals is somewhat similar to the gravitational confinement of electrons above a pulsar atmosphere. This insight allowed me to suggest a new mechanism of maser emission from gravitational states on isolated neutron stars [18].


Currently I am working on understanding the optical properties of carbon dots, which is a highly luminescent form of carbon whose origin of visible emission is still under debate.

I have co-authored 16 referred journal articles in top-rank physics, chemical and engineering journals, in 8 of which I am the first author.

H-index: 10

i10-index: 10

(Source: Google Scholar, 22 February 2019).

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