Light in a city: design or programming. New technological and analytical tools

On 19 September, 2017 was held the roundtable discussion “Light in a city: design or programming. New technological and analytical tools” at the media center of the Import Substitution and Localization Centre of Saint-Petersburg in the framework of thematic week "Urban development, architecture and design"

The event was under moderating of Natalia Bystriantseva, Head of CLD ITMO University and The Creative Associations of Lighting Designers RULD, and unique platform for interaction of representatives of Government Officials, public organizations, scientists, leading experts in the field of lighting design, visual arts, engineering, and urban development. The meeting was organized to share the experience, create and integrate into urban space innovative projects using high technologies such as Li-Fi, the big data solutions, Light ID, that help to develop and improve quality of lighting environment in terms of energy efficiency, ecological compatibility, safety, comfort, awareness and attractiveness.

In addition to innovative technological part under the main concern in dialogue with representatives of Government Officials in Saint-Petersburg was issue for searching and finding out of new tools for analysis of lighting environment and social mobility of population as well as worldwide trends in the areas of lighting design, architecture, engineering for the development of smart cities and public spaces. On the basis of the results the list of targets and recommendations was created for further discussion with world recognize experts at the main panel sessions of the Conference on Lighting Design in 2017.

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