Analysis and processing of images

The image represents information about the world in the most visual form. Improving the quality, processing and analysis of the images helps to significantly increase their information content and to enhance the ability of perception of visual information about the objects of observation.

Digital processing and image analysis are extremely diverse, and today there is almost no task pane, which, in varying degrees, not been image processing. In science - counting and measurement of particles, the study of dynamic processes, the detection of cosmic anomalies; in industry is the control of defects and parameters of production; in medicine - improving the quality of x-ray and tomographic images, detection of pathologies; in security systems - detection and tracking of potentially dangerous objects; environmentally - processing of multispectral images for the detection of environmental pollution; and many others.


In the framework of this direction the Department Aapis conducted research on the following topics:
the construction and application of optimal spatial and frequency filters.
application of methods of restoration and reconstruction of images;
processing of color images;
segmentation and recognition of objects in the image;
compressing images.

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